Barrel Threading

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 About Barrel Threading:

 Barrel threading is one of our most common service requests.  In its simplest description, barrel threading consists of cutting threads on the muzzle end of the barrel to allow for some sort of attaching device.  Muzzle devices are typically brakes, flash suppressors, sound suppressors or compensators.  There are several main concerns when threading a barrel.  First, you need enough material to allow for the proper shoulder for the device to tighten to.  The rule of thumb is the diameter of the barrel should be 0.100" larger than the cut threads.  For instance 1/2-28 threads are 0.500" so you would need a MINIMUM barrel diameter of 0.600" to ensure the correct shoulder.  The second concern in concintricity to the bore.  We single point cut all our barrel threads using a lathe dialed in to the center line of the bore.  This ensures the bullet travels down the center of whatever device you are using.  In the case of suppressors, we have seen improperly cut threads destroy them.  The third concern is the fit of the threads to the device.  Different manufacturers have different tolerances when it comes to machining.  In theory a A2 style flash hider should fit the same on all 1/2-28 threads, but that is not the case.  We will typically ask you bring your device with you when we are threading to ensure the best fit possible.  When a device is not available we will cut the threads to the correct dimensions and check with a thread checking tool before leaving the shop.  

  If you have a question about barrel threading, give us a call and we will gladly walk you through your options. 

rifle accuracy / barrel theading

rifle accuracy / barrel theading