Rifle Blueprinting : Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Moyock

 What is Blueprinting?

  We are often asked about blueprinting actions to improve accuracy.  Lets explain exactly what blueprinting is:  

  Factory actions are held to lower production standards than match actions, which has negative effects on accuracy. Blueprinting is the process of correcting flaws in factory actions that rob your rifle’s accuracy.  It is a relatively inexpensive alternative when compared to purchasing a high end custom action.  The process includes cutting the receiver face, threads, and lugs to the bolt raceways and tenon of the barrel so all the components are square to each other and concentric to the bore of the rifle.  The bolt lugs are then lapped into place for better contact and lockup, and the bolt face is squared to the action, giving more support to the cartridge head.  All of this adds up to a strong, square foundation for a match chamber and barrel to do their jobs firing accurate, consistent rounds. Most blueprinted factory actions will show a significant increase in accuracy when paired with a match chamber and barrel.

  Blueprinting is usually done in conjunction with a new barrel but it is possible to blueprint a action while using a factory barrel.  This will be an improvement over the factory action but not quite as good as a full blueprint or a custom action.  In this case, instead of completely re-cutting the tenon threads of the action we will chase them concentric to the bore with a specialized set of tools.  We also cut the shoulder of the barrel back and use a thicker recoil lug (where applicable) allowing us to take a small amount off the chamber using the appropriate chamber reamer.

  If you are interested in blueprinting your rifle, give us a call and we will gladly talk you through the options.

gun blueprinting / rifle blueprinting

gun blueprinting / rifle blueprinting